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Rates are based on distance, performance length, and special requests.  We are based in Aurora, Illinois, but travel doesn't frighten us.  We are happy to negotiate the rate appropriate to the performance request.

How would you describe your music?

We provide a full sound with guitar, keyboard, harmonica, light percussion, and harmonies.  Our original music is a mix of folk, pop, jazz, and blues.  We are musical storytellers utilizing humor and strong hooks to get our audience's toes tapping.

Do you only do original music?

Dooley Schwartz is a unique show intended to promote original music but we are also seasoned performers who can cover a variety of artists.

What is your draw?

We have a solid local draw in the greater Chicago area and work hard to promote your event on social media and email lists.  We attract a variety of audiences but more often, we play for those seeking original music and a fun evening.  Our listeners average between the ages of 30 to 60.  

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